A robust and simple machine.

Two-row forage harvester CNF2352

A machine with minimal maintenance and low operating cost.


Two-row forage harvester CNF2352

Possibility of working in all kinds of crops.


Two-row forage harvester CNF2352

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Characteristics of the Model CNF 2352

Based on our vast experience in the chopper market throughout the years, we introduced the CNF 2352 Model to the market.

A simple, robust machine with minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

This is the best choice due to its previously mentioned features and the possibility of working with any kind of crops.

Description of the Model CNF 2352

The cutting system using blades allows you to work on direct grass cutting, sorghum sown at 17 cm, 35 cm, alfalfa, oats, rye, wheat, etc. It is also possible to use it sun dried rows.

Corn Head

The application of the corn head allows you to work with sorghum and corn at 70 cm (optionally at 52 cm). The CNF 2352 Model is prepared to work with materials such as sugar cane and elephant grass on direct cutting.

The new grass pickup allows you to collect grass, alfalfa, oats, sorghum, etc. Rowing.

Characteristic Description
Tractor coupling system Pull type.
Powered by: Tractor PTO.
PTO Speed: Standard 540 RPM.
Optional 1000 RPM.
Power required: 70 HP for grass.
100 HP for corn.
Cutting width: With corn head: Standard 2 rows at 70 cm. Optional 2 rows at 52 cm.
Without corn head: 145 cm.
Cutting and fuel supply system: Blade system.
Cutting Height: Minimum 5 cm - Maximum 30 cm.
Chopping system: Through chopping cylinder.
Cylinder diameter: 600 mm.
Cylinder width: 500 mm.
Number of blades: 16 straight in V.
Number of counterblades: 4 registrable.
Cylinder speed: 1440 RPM
Spout turning: Hydraulic
Deflector movement: Electric
Tyres: 600 x 16 (two)
Machine lifting: Hydraulic