Delivery of the minced forage, avoiding breakage of the mixer.

Silage extractor FURCA 1900

Perfect silo wall formation.


Silage extractor FURCA 1900

Cleaning on the extraction front, no material is wasted.


Silage extractor FURCA 1900

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Characteristics of the Model FURCA 1900

Since 1995, Fraga is the only Argentinian company that manufactures silage extractors by loading auger system. Our first model succeeded, but encouraged to improve, we designed a new piece of equipment with great improvements over our previous model. This is how the FURCA 1900 was created.

This new model has a loading auger of a 190 cm. working width, which has a working depth of 60 cm. This loading auger has 90 blades placed helically; these blades tear the extracted forage leaving a wall of the silo completely compacted.

Description of the Model FURCA 1900

The forage extracted is guided by the loading auger to an auger situated at ground level that moves it up to a fan, which lifts the material to the forage carts or feed mixers by means of a spout. To make the operator’s work easy, the hopper has a hydraulic turn and electric movement of the upper guide.

- - Perfect external silage wall formation, it does not loosening the extraction front preventing quantity losses and the formation of fungus due to air ingress. This improvement is substantial regarding to a fork or shovel system, because this one produces a 60 cm. loosening within the extracting front.
- Cleaning on the extracting front, no material is wasted.
- Solution to the wear of tractor clutches produced by hydraulic shovel systems.
- It prevents cattle trampling and tracks produced by other systems during rainy days, due to the fact that there is no big deplacement of the equipment.
- It delivers the crumbled forage extracted, preventing wear of feed mixer.

Characteristic Description
Tractor coupling system: Pull type
Powered by: Tractor PTO
PTO Speed: 540 RPM
Power required: 60 HP
Working width: 190 cm.
Working depth: 60 cm.
Maximum height to extract: 360 cm.
Loading auger lifting: Hydraulic
Machine lifting: Hydraulic
Spout turning: Hydraulic
Deflector movement: Electric
Tyres: Two (2) of 14"