Fraga broadened the product line of forage choppers.

The company launched the trailed model Fauset 452, which is equipped with a Cummins engine of 234 HP and that requires a maximum tractor power of 80 HP.
Fraga. Fauset 452

Fraga expanded its range of trailed forage choppers with the introduction of the model Fauset 452.
After testing the prototype during several seasons, the new machine was officially launched featuring a 234 HP Cummins engine.
Moreover, it only takes up between 70 and 80 HP in the tractor.

Fraga Forage Machinery celebrates 60 years providing solutions

Next year the company is turning 60 years old and it is celebrating in advance with innovations for the livestock sector.
Fraga. 60 years

Fraga Forage Machinery is close to be celebrating its 60 years of life and to celebrate it; it’s putting a new and unique tool for the sector in the market, designed for the small and medium size producer. A machine with an exclusive design, high power, with the particularity that it adapts to every kind of fodder, whether it is corn at 45 or 52 in 2 rows, 70 in 3 rows, sorghum at 17, at 25 or broadcast seeding; for sugar cane in the north of the country and every kind of pasture, like oats, alfalfa, among others. The machine has Fraga’s distintive mark: quality, exclusiveness, power and versatility..

Sergio Francone: “Fraga products meet the highest quality standards.”

The Business Manager presents the solutions of the company for the beef and dairy livestock. The forthcoming new chopper. And how far the company got abroad.
Implementos forrajeros de alta calidad

In 2019 Fraga is celebrating its 60th birthday since it started with the founder Nélido Francone’s vision and effort.
For formal purposes, Fraga is a company from Frontera, Santa Fe. Except that, across the street, it is already in Cordoba province. Beyond these issues, Fraga is located in the eye of the area that once was defined as the largest dairy belt in Latin America.
Over the years, agriculture started outweighing beef and dairy production and livestock was kept in smaller areas. Fraga moved with the times and today it has machines to take the feed efficiently to the animal’s mouth. They were even successfully tested in foreing market.
Sergio Francone, Business Manager, describes all the process in an interview with MaquiNAC and talks about the forthcoming launch of a new forage chopper.