Simplifies the use of equipment in bagging jobs.


The new transmission via inverter box and gimbal simplifies the change of direction of discharge.



The door is opened by a lever system, a drive that makes this job easier.



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haracteristics of the Model VF 4510

Fraga launches the Forage Wagon VF 4510, due to its constant improvement designing this type of self-unloading trailers for over 50 years.

Front hydraulic side discharge conveyor: The forage is moved forward by means of a conveyor (made up of two roller chains joined by cross bars) where it is crumbled by three toothed rolls.

Once the material passes through these rolls, producing a mixing and banishing, is delivered to the lateral discharge conveyor, to finally lay it in feeding bunks or baggers. The discharge side is the left, in this way it simplifies the use of the equipment when used to feed a bagger, due to the fact that the trailer moves in the same direction as the bagger.

Description of the Forage Wagon VF4510

Discharge inversion system: Coupling the cardan to the lower groove of the reversing gearbox, the discharge is directed toward the rear gate. This configuration is used in silage works and with bulk cargo baggers. The gate is opened by means of a lever, an action that simplifies the task.

This new model has the following outstanding features:

- The wagon floor chain drive system through auger and a crown gear gives a continuous smooth movement preventing wear on the chain and breakage.
- The location of the wheel axles achieves an even distribution of weight on the four tyres. - The over side walls on both sides are retractable, avoiding dissembling to load material over the sides.
- The trailer side walls are made of fully bolted removable panels. This favors maintenance throughout the years by just replacing bolts; a task easily carried out by the user in a few hours.
- The new transmission reversing gearbox and cardan, simplifies the change of discharge direction.

Characteristic Description
Tractor coupling system: Pull Type
Powered by: Tractor PTO
PTO Speed: 540 RPM
Power required: 45 HP
Loading capacity: 14 m3 - 5000 kg.
Tyres: Four (4) 12.4 x 16 or 1100 x 16"
Optional: Hydraulic conveyor - rigid roof - Electronic scales system.