High loading speed. Fits bags of all sizes.

Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA

It allows the extraction of wet grain, forage, cottonseed and malt.


Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA

Your operating system is very simple.


Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA

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Characteristics of the FURCA BOLSA

Noticing that the bagging systems for forage and grains are gaining wide acceptance in the Argentinian market, but knowing that some drawbacks appear extracting this type of reserves, FRAGA has incorporated the forage extractor FURCA BOLSA to its product line.

This new option, conceived with the latest technical advances, has the particularity of performing the extracting operation, with noticeable advantages.

Description of the FURCA BOLSA

When choosing, consider that with a Furca Bolsa extractor, you will get:
- High charging speed.
- Operator’s work simplification.
- Its continuous charging system prevents the equipment movements and solves the problems of tracks in muddy terrain.
- Fits all bag sizes.

Apart from all the aspect mentioned above, it allows the extraction of wet grain, forage, cotton and malt seeds. Its operating system is very simple, since the tractor operator commands all the movements hydraulically and electrically from the tractor cab.

Mechanically, it consists of a double-movement hydraulic shovel. This shovel extracts the material of the bag and transports it to an auger which is located on the bottom and from there to the fan that moves it up through the spout, which is turned hydraulically and by an electric deflector to any cart or feed mixer.

Characteristic Description
Powered by: Tractor PTO.
PTO speed: 540 RPM
Power required: 45 HP
Working width: 1800 mm.
Extracting shovel movement: By two hydraulic cylinders
Machine lifting: Hydraulic
Spout turning: Hydraulic
Deflector movement: Electric
Tyres: Two (2) of 13"
Optional: Sidewalls for work in wet grain bags of 5 and 6 feet.