The most modern bagged forage extractor on the Argentine market.

Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA 3800

Its loading speed is highly efficient.


Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA 3800

Able to load 1500 kg per minute of work.


Silage and grain extractor FURCA BOLSA 3800

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Characteristics of the FURCA BOLSA 3800

Knowing the dynamic on-farm reality that requires more effective solutions day by day and with the wide experience gained with the FURCA BOLSA extractor, Fraga features the FURCA BOLSA 3800: the most modern bagged Silage extractor in the Argentinian market.

This machine was designed especially for the extraction of 9 ft. bags, since its width allows it to work its entire front, without having to move the equipment sideways. The shovel has teeth to cut through grass silage and gates for work on corn or sorghum silage as well as high moisture grain.

Description of the FURCA BOLSA 3800

The machine extracts the material of the bag and transports it to an auger which is located on the bottom and from there to the fan that moves it up through the spout, which is turned hydraulically and by an electric deflector to any cart or feed mixer. To make the operator’s work easy, the hopper has a hydraulic turn and electric movement of the upper guide. Its collection speed is extremely efficient since it can collect 1500 kg per minute while working.

It consists of a double-movement hydraulic loader, which is responsible for extracting the forage of the bag. The chopped material is stored between the side plates and displaced to an auger situated at ground level. This auger sends the forage to the fan, which moves it up through the spout to the carts or feed mixer. The previously mentioned spout has a hydraulic turn and an electric drive reflector allowing an even and quantitative burden.

Another characteristic of this piece of equipment is to prevent wear in the tractor clutch, since no pushes with the tractor against the material to be extracted during the work process. in addition to that, it does not cause common problems during rainy days thanks to few movements that have to be done with the equipment.

Characteristic Description
Tractor coupling system: Pull type.
Powered by: Tractor PTO
PTO Speed: 540 RPM
Power required: 60 HP
Working width: 415 cm.
Extracting shovel movement: By two hydraulic cylinders
Optional: Spout extension
Machine lifting: Hydraulic
Spout turning: Hydraulic
Deflector movement: Electric
Tyres: Two (2) of 14"