Fraga Forage Machinery celebrates 60 years providing solutions

Next year the company is turning 60 years old and it is celebrating in advance with innovations for the livestock sector.
Fraga. 60 Años

Fraga Forage Machinery is close to be celebrating its 60 years of life and to celebrate it; it’s putting a new and unique tool for the sector in the market, designed for the small and medium size producer. A machine with an exclusive design, high power, with the particularity that it adapts to every kind of fodder, whether it is corn at 45 or 52 in 2 rows, 70 in 3 rows, sorghum at 17, at 25 or broadcast seeding; for sugar cane in the north of the country and every kind of pasture, like oats, alfalfa, among others. The machine has Fraga’s distintive mark: quality, exclusiveness, power and versatility..

The company is focused on the development and manufacturing of agricultural implements with the firm’s own design: forage carts, fine chopped forage baggers, silage extractors and forage harvesters. Its equippment is well-known and commercialized in the entire country by sales agents or dealers from different locations, which are situated in strategic points, where the target buyers are. Besides, Fraga is sellingabroad, to the neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, among others.

Currently, Fraga’s offer is designed for the farmer to generate the enough stored feed for his livestock, to optimize time and to improve the quality of the ingredients, since they are in control of the right harvest time and delivering of the feed. In this sense, the company offers the Fine chopped forage bagger called Parfei Bursa 631. This one has the particularity of being design for forage, corn, sorghum and grasses. It also offers higher pressing capacity with more kilos per metre: high productivity, high working capacity, which allows to bag up 60 tons per hour and an innovative trailed system.

Fraga is positioned in the market with the quality seal, technological advance and constant innovation, always assisting the requirements of the agriculture and livestock producer, offering excellence from its basic pillars such as product, price and post-sale attention. From the company they state: “We do not only pay attention to the producer’s needs but we rely on his point of view and his concerns so as to develop our designs and with that we get to fulfill their demands and become a company in constant evolution, being at the forefront that the sector demands today.”